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Haere Mai: Welcome to Whangamata Area School

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Whangamata Area School is a co-educational school which offers a unique educational opportunity with schooling from Year 1 right through to Year 13.  With a roll of  480 students the school is large enough to have the advantages of a range of specialist teachers and facilities, yet small enough to retain the flexibility and pastoral support individual students need. We are able to offer small class sizes throughout the school. 

Whangamata Area School is a KORU school (Knowledge, Organisation, Respect and Unity). The school prides itself on offering excellent opportunities for academic success. We have a very effective staff offering the New Zealand National Curriculum. We have very strong junior school years 1-8 promoting excellence in Numeracy and Literacy.

We are able to offer many additional courses to our senior students through our state of the art video conferencing facilities. Senior students are able to access a varied range of subjects that meet both their needs and interests.  We are able to offer our students a wide range of cultural and sporting learning experiences outside the classroom. The school has recently installed a new computer server and access to wireless internet throughout the school grounds.  Senior students are encouraged to bring their own laptops/tablets to school and this is compulsory for all Year 13 students.

Area schools have a unique nature; our senior classes are small and provide opportunities for small group and individual support. Most year 11 classes are less than 20 students and many of our year 12 and 13 classes have less than 10 students. Attending an Area School, our students enjoy advantages not offered in other schools:

  • continuity in their education avoiding the disruption of starting new schools at intermediate and secondary levels;

  • significant leadership opportunities for senior students and confidence building relationships for juniors;

  • a small senior school giving our students the chance to construct 'tailor made' courses, with close and full support of highly professional staff - the success of which can be seen in our NCEA results;

  • 1-6 students have access to specialist facilities and staff usually only available for secondary students.

The Board of Trustees and senior management of the school are committed to fostering high expectations of student achievement, uniform and behaviour; student leadership opportunities; and a close and positive relationship with parents and friends of the school.

Some of our teaching spaces include a modern library, a specialist Art space/Photography space, a new Food, Fabric space and two new modern Science Labs designed to give our students and teachers access to state of the art amenities.  Existing spaces have also been refurbished and modernised to create positive learning spaces for our students.

Our School Vision

Through a positive home school partnership our students will be confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners.

Our School Mission

Whangamata Area School will provide for the personalised learning of all students so that they have the skills and attitudes that enable them to thrive in the future.

Our Values

Manaakitanga means to ‘uplift and foster mana’.  Particularly, the mana of a person expresses itself in their ability to do certain things, in their skills and talents. Manaakitanga is a value or a principle which is concerned with the uplifting, fostering and nurturing the mana of the person.

Whanaungatanga is a term for interconnectedness and relatedness.  Whanaungatanga is a value about maintaining and fostering relationships. It is about making good connections between people and between people and our world. It is about understanding that we are all interconnected in some way and one’s thoughts and actions connect with other things

Thank you for your interest in Whangamata Area School. We invite you to take the time to visit and experience first hand the many advantages our school has to offer.

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