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International Student Application Requirements

Enrolment Procedures for International Students are the following:

  1. Complete the application form.
  2. Provide the documents listed.
  3. The written statement should be a statement by the student about him/herself, his/her interests and hobbies.
  4. Upon receipt of the application, we evaluate the application and send an offer of place along with an invoice.
  5. When the invoice is paid, we send a Confirmation of Place letter and a receipt. You need these two documents to apply to the nearest New Zealand Embassy for a student visa.
  6. The visa application form is generally on the website of the Embassy. 

International Students' Entry Criteria

  • Whangamata Area School accepts students at Year 9-13 level 
  • The school seeks to recruit students who have had some English language skills. However intensive English language assistance is available 
  • It is important that students have a genuine desire to learn and they must have a good record of attendance at their previous school
  • Students must be willing to sign the tuition agreement and abide by the school’s rules as they apply to international students
  • School reports and testimonials should accompany an application to study
  • The school reserves the right to place the student in appropriate courses based on the student’s competency in English

Refund Conditions

  1. To be eligible for a refund an application must be made in writing to the Board of Trustees by the parent or legal guardian stating clearly the reason for withdrawal of the student
  2. If the withdrawal is made prior to the student coming to New Zealand a full refund shall be made less $250.00 administration fee
  3. There will be no refund if a request to withdraw is made after the student has reached the mid-point of his/her programme of study in New Zealand except in the following circumstances - serious illness of the student or of his/her close family. In determining any refund the Board of Trustees will take into consideration the special circumstances of the withdrawing student and – the costs to the school in providing tuition costs incurred in employing staff and providing facilities payments made to the New Zealand government No refund will be made to any student who – transfers to another school or educational institution, is asked to leave because of misbehaviour, poor attendance or violation of the contract with the school.

Fees Protection Policy Rationale

The school is required to ensure that all student’s fees are protected in the event that the school is unable to continue to offer tuition to international students or in the event that a student is required to return home or is transferred to another institution. All students attending Whangamata Area School are required to take insurance with a recognised insurance company, which guarantees cover for students for the unforeseen insolvency, regulatory closure or withdrawal of accreditation of any education provider and provides an extensive travel and medical cover.

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